who is linda?

Linda Manifold, long-time Austin resident, has been working to arrange wedding flowers for over 20 years.

She embarked on this floral enterprise when the daughter of a close family friend needed help with her wedding. Linda rolled up her sleeves and pitched in to make her day blossom in every way. Since that day Linda has continued, wedding after wedding, to fashion floral designs that are both affordable and breathtaking. She has acquired a walk-in cooler and expanded her collection of glassware and urns. She especially enjoys creating unique and extraordinary treatments for incorporating ferns, branches, fruits, berries, and other textural components into her work. Linda strives to delight the senses through thoughtful floral combinations which will complement the bride's own beauty. She welcomes your individual ideas and designs and are happy to implement them. If however, you need direction or advice, Linda is here to guide you.

Linda is committed to "keeping Austin green"—and pink, and lavender, and orange, and whatever palette you decide for your wedding day! She invites you to set up an appointment to chat with her and see if Linda is a good match to make your wedding plans bloom.

You can reach Linda at (512) 658-3366.

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